Getting Started

The Sophos Anti-Spam Software Development Kit gives software developers access to the spam detection functionality that is usually provided as part of the Sophos PureMessage mail-filtering product. With the Anti-Spam SDK you can:

  • scan email to find the message's numerical spam probability.
  • integrate anti-spam functionality into third party applications; for example, a mail transfer agent (MTA) or a mail user agent (MUA).
  • create custom applications that require spam detection functionality.

The Sophos Anti-Spam Software Development Kit provides a C language API that developers can use to write applications in either C or C++ that access the engine. This guide introduces the Anti-Spam Engine API and explains how to use it to create applications that can access or integrate spam detection functionality.

The engine has the ability to enable live, DNS-based queries to Sophos, improving catch rates by way of real-time updates from SophosLabs and by allowing a larger set of anti-spam data to be maintained. If a spam decision cannot be made based on local data, the engine will perform queries to Sophos to compare sending IP addresses, URIs within messages, and other message attributes with the latest data from SophosLabs. In order to help Sophos maintain good anti-spam engine performance, the engine also has the ability to send certain performance and latency statistics back to Sophos using a feedback tool. For optimum performance, it is recommended that you configure your engine to share these statistics.