Installing the Anti-Spam SDK

The Anti-Spam update package contains the most recent version of the engine runtime library, the required data files, and the MANIFEST file.
  1. Navigate to A user account and password are required to retrieve the Anti-Spam SDK package. From the root directory, find the desired update version and operating system. Download the Anti-Spam package and its MD5 checksum.
    Sophos maintains separate directories for each of the various engine versions. To get the latest version, download your install package from the 2.x-latest directory, which automatically points to the latest engine version. Note that if there are API changes, Sophos may not update the 2.x-latest link.

    For example:
  2. Compare the MD5 checksum with your most recently downloaded package. If the checksums are different, download the package again.
    1. If required, pass the file through your update verification system.
    2. If required, repackage to a different distribution format.
  3. Publish the update package on your site for your customers to download.

The majority of updates will not contain engine library changes. To determine if the update package contains engine changes, use the MD5 checksum to review the library file in the MANIFEST. Alternatively, review the library version number inside the binary. The number is incremented whenever the library changes.

Data files contained within the anti-spam update must only be used with the corresponding version of the engine software, found in the same package. Using incompatible versions will result in engine failure.