Supported Platforms

PureMessage supports the platforms listed below. For list of currently supported platform versions, see the Sophos "Software lifecycle" web page:

Note: PureMessage may also be run on a virtual operating system using either VMware ESX (for Linux) or Solaris 10 Containers (for Solaris). The virtualization software must support your operating system and version.
  • Linux [32-bit and 64-bit]
    • Ensure that you have the latest available updates for your operating system installed.
    • PureMessage is only supported on the original kernel provided by the vendor as part of the distribution.
    • If you are installing PureMessage on a 64-bit operating system, ensure that the 32-bit compatibility libraries (ia32-libs) are installed.

    • Ensure libnss-mdns is installed on your distribution.

    • The installer may warn that you are not on a supported distribution. If the above conditions are me you should be able to proceed with the installation.

    See Installing PureMessage on a 64-Bit Operating System in the Sophos Knowledgebase for more information.

  • Solaris
    • Open File Limitations: Ensure that the soft limit for the maximum number of system file descriptors in a single process is at least 1024 (ulimit -n reports the current setting). To change it, add the following two lines to your /etc/system file:
      set rlim_fd_cur = 1024 set
      rlim_fd_max = 4096
    • On all versions, libiconv must be installed.

More detailed information on setting kernel parameters can be found in "Tuning PostgreSQL for PureMessage 5.x" in the Sophos Knowledgebase.

Important: PureMessage may not function correctly on supported operating systems if the locale is not set to English (en_US.utf8).