Upgrading to PureMessage 5.6.1 from a Tarball Distribution

About this task

Perform the following steps to complete a tarball upgrade on a single server configuration. If you are upgrading multiple PureMessage servers, also refer to "Multi-Server Upgrade" in "Upgrading to PureMessage 5.6.1"

  • You must perform this procedure as the root user.
  • This procedure assumes that you have completed the "Downloading and Extracting the Tarball" steps in "Tarball Distribution."

Follow these steps

  1. Run the PureMessage upgrade command. Assuming, the default installation directory (/opt/pmx) is used, and the tarball was extracted to /tmp/pmxrepo, run :
    /opt/pmx/bin/pmx-setup  --repo=file:///tmp/pmxrepo
  2. On the main menu, select the Upgrade PureMessage Components option, and then press Enter .
  3. Select Upgrade components, and then press Enter .
  4. You are prompted to stop PureMessage before continuing the installation. Select Yes, and press Enter .

    Updating the PureMessage components may take a few minutes. When all packages are upgraded successfully, press Enter .

  5. Once the tarball upgrade has completed, select Change Repository.
  6. In the Change Repository text box, enter:
    Select OK, and press Enter .
  7. Select Return to the main menu, and then press Enter .
  8. Select Exit the installer, and then press Enter .