Configuring Logging

About this task

You can configure the PureMessage Manager to record a log of user actions and module usage in common log format (CLF). Logs are written to the file /opt/pmx6/var/log/manager/activity_log. Once logging is configured, you can use the Browse Activity Log feature to analyze the activity of individual users and/or modules.

To configure logging:

Follow these steps

  1. Edit the text boxes on the Configure Logging page as required.

    The text boxes are:

    • Enable Logging: Use the drop-down list to enable or disable logging.
    • Resolve Host Names: Select to perform a reverse DNS lookup to determine the hostname based on the IP address. If selected, hostnames are logged instead of IP addresses.
    • By Users: Select the names of users for which logging is enabled. By default, the All Users check box is selected.
    • Clear Logfiles: Select a time period from the drop-down list to specify the frequency with which the log file is cleared. Choose Never or Every Week or Every Month.
    • Log File Changes: Select to have the log to include details about changed files and commands executed.
    • In Modules: Select the names of modules for which logging is enabled. By default, the All Modules check box is selected.
    Note: The modules listed match the PureMessage Manager tabs with two exceptions: RPC is the Remote Procedure Calls module, which allows commands to be run between remote systems and is used in some EUWI and CSM operations; miniserv is the web server used to serve the Manager web pages.
  2. Once you have made the required changes, click Save.