Viewing Milter Activity Logs

Follow these steps

  1. In the Background Services table on the Local Services tab, click Milter (Policy), and then click Activity Log on the sidebar.

    The Milter: Activity Log page is displayed.

  2. Set the log file viewing filters in the Recent Activity table as required.

    The text boxes are:

    • Log: Select the log you wish to view. There are three logs available:
      • Activity Log: Display messages processed by the PureMessage milter.
      • Error Log: Display errors reported by the milter.
      • Output Log: Displays milter output.
    • Priority: Select the priority level of the log entries that you wish to view. The log priority levels correspond to those used in syslog.
    • Auto Refresh: If this option is enabled, the display is updated every 5 seconds.
    • Filter: Enter full or partial data from any of the displayed text boxes to filter the output based on that data.
    • Show: Enter the number of log records to display. The most recent log records are displayed.
    • Collapse: If this option is enabled, multiple entries with the same Queue ID are condensed into a single entry.
  3. Once you have set your preferred viewing options, click View to see the results.