dnsbl.conf - Sets the parameters for DNSBL (DNS Blacklist) checks




The dnsbl.conf configuration file sets the parameters for DNSBL (DNS Blacklist) checks used by the Sender Reputation feature group. Enable rules associated with this feature group via the the sender.conf manpage configuration file.

These rules work in conjunction with the trusted-relays list, located in opt/pmx6/etc/. This list should include all internal PureMessage mail-filtering servers and known, trusted external servers (for example, internet service provider (ISP) mail exchange servers). Configuring the trusted-relays list ensures the rule weights for DNSBL rules are increased without causing false positives. Only IP addresses (not domain names) can be entered in the trusted-relays list.

Disables all DNS Blacklist (DNSBL) checks.

Expects a boolean value.

Default: no

Disables all RCVD_IN_* rules. Only the RELAY_IN_* rules are enabled.

Values: yes | no

Default: no


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