pmx-blocklist - Enables or disables IP blocking for a PureMessage MTA.


pmx-blocklist [options]

Options: --status --enable [--passthru] [--tempfail] --disable


The pmx-blocklist program is used to enable or disable IP blocking, configure the default failure behavior in MTAs installed by PureMessage (sendmail or Postfix), and reload configuration options from /opt/pmx6/etc/pmx.d/blocklist.conf. The default behavior is to pass through on error (see the third example below).


To display the current status of IP blocking:

   pmx-blocklist --status

To enable IP blocking (tempfail on error):

   pmx-blocklist --enable --tempfail

To enable IP blocking (pass through on error - default):

   pmx-blocklist --enable --passthru

To disable IP blocking:

   pmx-blocklist --disable

To reload etc/pmx.d/blocklist.conf:

   pmx-blocklist --enable


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