pmx-group-list - group list management utility


    pmx-group-list --add --id ID --name NAME --description DESCRIPTION --match-type MATCH_TYPE [--case-sensitive]
    pmx-group-list --delete --id ID
    pmx-group-list --rename --id ID --name NAME



Add a new group list.

Delete a group list.

Rename a group list.

Common Options

Unique identifier for this list.

The list ID must start with an alphabetic character and be followed by one or more alpha-numeric characters or hyphens or underscores.

Add Options

Use case sensitive matching on list items.

Description for this list.

List match type.

Valid match types are:

is, contains, matches, nmatches, re, domain, mail

See PureMessage::List for more information on match types.

Name of this list.

Rename Options

New name for this list.

Miscellaneous Options

Print a brief help message and exit.

Print the manual page and exit.


Utility to manage group lists.


Copyright (C) 2006 Sophos Plc. All right reserved. Sophos and PureMessage are trademarks of Sophos Plc.