pmx-group - Access controls for group management.


Adding and deleting a group pmx-group --add --group <name> --description <Group Description> pmx-group --delete --group <name>

Assigning administrators to groups pmx-group --add-admin --group <group> --user <name> pmx-group --delete-admin --group <group> --user <name>

Listing group details Show all groups and administrators: pmx-group --list

    Show users for a specific group:
      pmx-group --list --group <group>
    Show groups for a specific user:
      pmx-group --list --user <user>

Listing permissions Show all available permissions: pmx-group --list-permissions

Modifying group permissions Show all permissions for a group/user pair: pmx-group --view-perm --group <group> --user <name>

    Show a specific permission for a group/user pair:
      pmx-group --view-perm --group <group> --user <name>
                --permission <permission_name>
    Set a permission for a group/user pair:
      pmx-group --set-perm --group <group> --user <name>
                --permission <permission_name> --value <new_value>

Creating a new permission item pmx-group --add-perm --perm

Deleting permission items pmx-group --delete-perm --perm


    -a|--add              Add a group
    -d|--delete           Delete a group
    -l|--list             List group/admin details
    -L|--list-permissions List available permissions
    -A|--add-admin        Allow an administrator to manage a group
    -D|--delete-admin     Disallow an administrator from managing a group
    -s|--set-perm         Set a permission for a user/group pair
    -w|--view-perm        View permission(s) for a user/group pair
    -r|--add-perm         Create a new on/off permission item
    -R|--delete-perm      Delete an on/off permission item
    -g|--group            Short and unique group name
    -c|--description      Group's descriptive name
    -u|--user             Username of administrator
    -p|--permission       Permission to view/set
    -v|--value            Value to set a permission to (on|off|read|write)
    -h|--help             Print this usage message and exit


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