pmx-init - The PureMessage system startup program


    pmx-init start
    pmx-init stop
    pmx-init restart
    pmx-init status


pmx-init is suitable for use as a system startup or shutdown program. Typical usage is to add a symbolic link to the pmx-init program into the /etc/rc.d/rc*.d/ directories so that PureMessage services start automatically on system bootup.

When run as root, pmx-init drops privileges by switching to the PureMessage user, and runs the pmx program with any arguments that were passed to it. The pmx program is executed within a new login session using su. Thus any login or shell initialization scripts associated with the PureMessage user are executed.

When run as the PureMessage user, it simply executes pmx with any provided arguments.

The rest is done by the pmx program.


the pmx manpage, the pmx-intro manpage, the pmx-milter manpage, the pmx-manager manpage, the pmx.conf manpage


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