pmx-list - A utility for manipulating PureMessage lists.


Edit a list:

    pmx-list add LIST[#USER] ITEM1 [ITEM2 ...]
    pmx-list remove LIST[#USER] ITEM1 [ITEM2 ...]
    pmx-list clear LIST[#USER]

Query list contents:

    pmx-list items LIST[#USER]
    pmx-list users LIST

List/describe available lists:

    pmx-list available [FILTER]
    pmx-list describe [FILTER]

Test matching against a list:

    pmx-list test LIST[#USER] ITEM1 [ITEM2 ...]


The pmx-list utility is used to edit, query, describe and test PureMessage lists (for example, blacklisted-hosts or whitelisted-senders-per-user).


add LIST[#USER] ITEM1 [ITEM2 ...]
Add one or more items to a list. The list may be a regular list, or a multidimensional list, in which case the user must be specified. There is no duplicate checking - the item(s) are added even if identical items already exist in the list.

Example: opt-out from anti-spam

    pmx-list add anti-spam-optouts

Example: add to's blacklist:

    pmx-list add

remove LIST[#USER] ITEM1 [ITEM2 ...]
Remove one or more items from a list. Removes all occurrences of duplicate items.

clear LIST[#USER]
Clear all the items from a list.

items LIST[#USER]
Print all list items.

users LIST
Print all the users of a multidimensional list.

available [FILTER]
Print the names of the available lists on this host.

If present, the FILTER parameter limits the results using a case-insensitive substring match.

Example: print the names of all lists that match ``blacklist''

    $ pmx-list available blacklist

describe [FILTER]
Print descriptions of the available lists on this host.

FILTER works in a similar way to the available command.

test LIST[#USER] ITEM1 [ITEM2 ...]
Test that one or more items match the contents of a list. This command prints the result of attempting to match each item specified against the given list. This is a convenient way to test whether a list is working as expected.




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