pmx-makemap - Compile a standard list or map and/or the members-per-group multi-list into a CDB list or map.


pmx-makemap [--verbose] [--force] [--all] [--list <id>] [--map <id>]


    --verbose   -v      Verbose execution
    --force     -f      Compile even if CDB copy is newer than text copy
    --all       -a      Attempt to compile all configured CDB lists & maps
    --list <id> -l <id> Compile a specific list
    --map <id>  -m <id> Compile a specific map
    --grouplist -g      Compile the members-per-group multi-list

    At least one of --list, --map, --grouplist, or --all must be specified.
    Any number of --list and --map options may be specified on the commandline.
    --all may not be specified with --list, --map, or --grouplist.
    Note that only lists & maps that are configured as 'cdbfile' schemes and
    with 'is' or 'mail-parts'  match types can be compiled into CDB files.


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