pmx-mark - Write timestamp marks in log files


 pmx-mark [options] [<file>...]


The pmx-mark program writes timestamps into PureMessage log files. Timestamps in the log files make it easier to determine when other logged events occurred.

If invoked without arguments, pmx-mark timestamps the files specified in the stdout and stderr settings in the pmx.conf file (by default, var/log/pmx_out and var/log/pmx_err respectively). The timestamp marks are written as follows:

    === pmx-mark === 2002-12-31 23:59:59

by default, the PureMessage Scheduler runs pmx-mark to create timestamps once an hour.


The following options are recognized by pmx-mark:

-n | --none
Prevents the var/log/pmx_out and var/log/pmx_err files from being marked. This is equivalent to specifying both --noout and --noerr.

Prevents the var/log/pmx_out file from being marked.

Prevents the var/log/pmx_err file from being marked.

Mark the file specified in the log_to setting of the etc/pmx.conf file (by default var/log/pmx_log).

Make a GMT-format timestamp instead of local time format.

Instead of marking a timestamp to the log files, print the contents of the files from the location of the last mark.

After specifying option, you may specify additional files to be marked. If no files are selected to be marked, the marker is written to stdout.


the pmx manpage, the pmx-log manpage


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