pmx-qdigest-approve - Queue quarantined messages for approval


   # As invoked by sendmail to parse approval requests from users. Reads email
   # on standard input.
   | pmx-qdigest-approve
   # To decode quarantine ids read from standard input
   | pmx-qdigest-approve --decode-ids


Quarantine digests are periodic notifications sent to end-users that summarize their quarantined messages. By replying to digests, users can automatically release messages from the quarantine. The replies use an alias, usually pmx-auto-approve, which is received by the PureMessage server that issued the quarantine digest. When it receives the message approval requests, the PureMessage server passes the requests to the pmx-qdigest-approve script, which processes the release requests.

The pmx-qdigest-approve program can either:

  1. Parse a user's approval request, adding each approved message to the Queue, where they await later delivery by the pmx-queue program.

  2. Decode quarantine IDs read from standard input, printing one decoded ID per line.


Used to determine the quarantine ID of a message. When digests are generated, the original quarantine ID number is obfuscated to prevent messages from being illegitimately released from quarantine. To determine the message's quarantine ID from the obfuscated digest ID, use this option.


Messages approved by pmx-qdigest-approve writes information about the released message to the pmx_log. The information is encoded using a modified form of q-encoding (see PureMessage::MessageLog for details). The following fields are logged:

The message envelope recipient. This is usually the person who released the message.

The message's quarantine ID.

The envelope sender address.

The reason given to the message when it was quarantined.

The message's spam probability.

The message's queue ID.

The IP address of the relay that delivered the message to the PureMessage host.

A spam rule that was triggered for this message.

Not all fields will be present for all messages.


the pmx-qdigest manpage, the pmx-qdigest-expire manpage, the pmx-queue manpage


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