pmx-qdigest-init - Initialize centralized digest storage from local (or vice versa)


   pmx-qdigest-init --local
   pmx-qdigest-init --central


This utility facilitates the switch to centralized mode of digest operation by initializing the centralized digest state storage in DBMS from local digest state. Centralized digest state will be initialized so that the subsequent run of the centralized digest will continue the message scan from the point where the previous local digest left off.

The utility can also be used to revert to the local mode of digest operation by initializing the local, filesystem-based storage from the DBMS. The direction of operation is controlled by the switch: --central initializes the central digest, --local initializes the local digest storage.

If the local digest was enabled on multiple servers, when switching to centralized digest mode, this utility needs to be executed from all the servers that used to run local digesting.

Note that the centralized configuration parameter in the etc/pmx-qdigest.conf file must be set to true to enable the operation of this script.


the pmx-qdigest manpage


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