pmx-qman - A Quarantine Manager for PureMessage


 pmx-qman [opts]               # interactive shell
 pmx-qman --approve <msg>
 pmx-qman --save <file>
 pmx-qman --index
 pmx-qman --help


The pmx-qman program is used to manage messages quarantined by PureMessage. It is used to browse, release and make reports of messages quarantined by PureMessage. Unless otherwise specified, the last 10,000 messages are read from the cur folder of the quarantine specified in pmx.conf.

If neither the --approve, --save nor the --help options are specified, then the interactive version of pmx-qman is invoked. See Interactive Mode for more information.

The PureMessage Manager provides an alternative web-based interface for quarantine management. See the 'Quarantine' section of the Manager Reference for further information on this alternative.


The following options are recognized:

--approve msg
Send the quarantined message to the original recipient and move it to the var/qdir/sent directory. (These messages are eventually deleted (or archived) via pmx-qexpire.) The msg argument is either a message store id or the queue id assigned to the message.

--save file
Save quarantined messages in mbox format to the given file.

--qdir path
Override the quarantine directory specified in the quarantine_dir setting in the pmx.conf configuration file.

--max-messages n
Load no more than n messages from the quarantine. The default is 10,000. The default can also be overridden by the PMX_QMAN_MAX_MESSAGES environment variable.

Load quarantine messages from the start of the quarantine rather than the end.

By default pmx-qman does not ensure that the messages most recently added to the quarantine are included in the results. Setting --index ensures that messages that have been quarantined since the last time pmx-qindex, was run are included in the results.

Print a usage message and quit.

Interactive Mode

When using the interactive version of pmx-qman (which is invoked when no options are specified), enter help or ? at the prompt for a list of commands and usage examples.

Message numbers are dynamically assigned based on the message sort order, filters, grouping, etc. Message numbers are regenerated if these parameters change.


The following environment variables override the behavior of pmx-qman:

Selects which pager program to use. If not set use more.

Set this variable to override the default number of messages pmx-qman will attempt to load in interactive mode. The default is to load the last 10,000 messages.


the pmx-quarantine manpage, the pmx-qdigest manpage, the pmx-qdigest-approve manpage, the pmx-qdigest-expire manpage, the pmx manpage, PureMessage::Milter::Scanner


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