pmx-qrelease - Process centrally stored quarantine action requests.


   pmx-qrelease [--vacuum] [--verbose|--quiet]


The pmx-qrelease program iterates through centralized storage of requests for actions on quarantined messages, retrieves actions for local messages (local to the mail processing server that is running the program) and processes them. Actions can be message approvals, forwards or deletes.

This program is usually executed as a scheduled service.

Forward and approval requests will be submitted for sending with subsequent invocation of the the pmx-queue manpage program. Deletion requests will result in moving the message files and scheduling the removal from index with the next invocation of the the pmx-qmeta-index manpage program.

Failed quarantine requests will automatically be retried on the next invocation of the program. When the maximum attempt count is reached, the request is deleted from the database. A maximum number of attempts can be specified as a command line option. The default is 5.


Initiates reclaiming of disk space after removing enqueued release requests.

Turns on verbose output.

Suppresses printing of summary information before the program terminates.


the pmx-queue manpage