pmx-qsearch - Wrapper for pmx-store


 pmx-qsearch [options]


The pmx-qsearch tool invokes pmx-store search to perform a search of the PureMessage quarantine. The pmx-qsearch command is a convenient wrapper for pmx-store that offers options for searching the quarantine.

Although it is possible to search the quarantine with pmx-store, the pmx-qsearch tool allows you to do so using much more concise commands. For example,

   C<pmx-qsearch foo bar>

is the equivalent of
   C<pmx-store --class=PureMessage::Quarantine search foo bar>

The pmx-qsearch options are identical to those for pmx-store search. See the pmx-store manpage for details.

The following are examples of how pmx-qsearch can be used:

   pmx-qsearch --fields 'id, c_to, c_subject_body_utf8' \
               --where 'id between 1024 and 1050'
   pmx-qsearch --fields 'id, m_spam_probability' --delimiter ' ' \
               --where 'm_spam_probability > 0.8' \
               --order-by m_spam_probability

This example combines pmx-qsearch with pmx-quarantine to remove all unwanted messages from the quarantine:

   pmx-qsearch --fields id --delim ' ' \
               --where 'm_spam_probability > 0.8' >spam-ids.txt
   pmx-quarantine trash `cat spam-ids.txt`


the pmx-store manpage, the pmx-quarantine manpage, the pmx manpage


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