pmx-quarantine - Wrapper for pmx-store


 pmx-quarantine <cmd> [options]


The pmx-quarantine command invokes the pmx-store command for the quarantine. The pmx-store command is a generic utility that requires instruction about which message store to access. The pmx-quarantine command is a convenient wrapper that invokes pmx-store with options that make it access the quarantine.

Running pmx-quarantine foo bar is exactly the same as running pmx-store --class=PureMessage::Quarantine foo bar, but it requires less typing.

See the pmx-store manpage for details about which sub-commands are accepted and their options. Some useful examples are:

   pmx-quarantine status
   pmx-quarantine folders
   pmx-quarantine message 1024
   pmx-quarantine info 1024
   pmx-quarantine reindex
   pmx-quarantine tidy


the pmx-store manpage, the pmx-qsearch manpage, the pmx manpage


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