pmx-queue - The PureMessage queue manager


    pmx-queue list
    pmx-queue run [options]
    pmx-queue mail <to>...


The pmx-queue program is used to manage and flush the 'queue'. The queue is a folder in the message store that holds messages that are about to be injected back into the mail system. The pmx-queue run command is responsible for delivery and will remove messages from the queue if successful.

Policy filters add messages to the queue when messages are neither quarantined nor delivered to the original recipient. For example, if a policy filter is configured to forward a message, the message is added to the queue and sent by the pmx-queue program. The queue is also populated by programs that automatically generate reports, such as perimeter protection reports generated by pmx-mlog-watch and reports that are configured to be automatically distributed. Quarantine listings generated by pmx-qdigest are also delivered by pmx-queue.

The following subcommands are supported:

pmx-queue list
This prints the current content of the Queue.

pmx-queue run [options]
This attempts to deliver any queued messages. By default, this command is invoked from a scheduled job. Options can be used to limit the messages that are selected. These options include:
--min-failures number
Only process messages where the number of failures is greater or equal to than the specified value.

--max-failures number
Only process messages where the number of failures is less than or equal to the specified value.

--max-backoff-time duration
This specifies the maximum time between retries for failed messages.

--min-backoff-time duration
This specifies the minimum time between retries for failed messages.

--max-queue-lifetime duration
This specifies the maximum amount of time a message stays in the failure queue.

Normally the quarantine secret is added to the header of the message to force PureMessage to allow the message to go through without further checks. (Without this, any messages released by pmx-queue may get quarantined again.)

If PureMessage is configured with mail_sender, and is set to a server that does not run PureMessage, the above default behavior is not useful and risks the quarantine secret being left exposed in the header. If mail_sender is configured to point to a non-PureMessage server, this option should be used to disable the addition of the quarantine secret to the message header.

Messages are moved to the Sent folder on successful delivery. If an error occurs, the reason for delivery failure is recorded in the Delivery-Failed message info field. If the error is permanent (any 5xx SMTP error) the message is moved to the Failed folder and will not be tried again. The message is left in the queue after all other errors unless the retry count (--max-failures) has been reached.

pmx-queue mail to...
This command reads a message from STDIN and queues it up for delivery to the specified recipients.


the pmx-policy manpage, the pmx-mlog-watch manpage, the pmx-qdigest manpage


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