pmx-reports-set-time-ranges - Populates the table prd_period with time ranges for reporting.


pmx-reports-set-time-ranges [--time-now=``YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss'']


The table prd_period is populated with time ranges of three different granularities. It creates 36 hours of 5-minute time ranges, 90 days of 1-hour time ranges and 2 years of 1-day time ranges.

It populates the 5-minute time ranges one full hour in advance of the current time to ensure that all the required time ranges are present in the database.

It should be scheduled to be run frequently, always updating the database with time ranges ahead of the pmx-reports-consume-message-log, pmx-reports-consume-pmx-log and pmx-reports-consume-quarantine scripts.



Makes the utility behave as if the specified time were the current time. This is a testability extension only and should not be used in production environment. The argument has to be quoted.


Displays these usage notes.


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