pmx-rpc-enduser - Query and testing tool for the end user RPC server.


 pmx-rpc-enduser <command> [options]


The pmx-rpc-enduser command provides an interface to query and test the PureMessage end user libraries.


The following subcommands are recognized by the pmx-rpc-enduser script:

Opens an interactive session to the RPC server.

For a description of the various console commands see the CONSOLE.

batch script
Use the passed script file as input to the console.


The following options are recognized:

Displays help.

--host hostname
Host to connect to.

--port port
Port to connect to.

--proto HTTP|HTTPS
Protocol to use when connecting.

Show extra information (for example, debugging content).

Assume default answers to questions. It is suggested you use this option in batch mode, for example:
  pmx-rpc-enduser batch myscript --force --fatal

All RPC errors are fatal, and processing is stopped. It is suggested you use this option in batch mode.

--timeout seconds
The number of seconds to wait for a response before timing out.


The console opens an interactive session that can be used to execute RPC calls.

RPC calls (see PureMessage::RPC::Response::Enduser) can be executed by entering the call name and all paramaters to be passed.

auth calls that result in authentication tokens are automatically intercepted and the value cached. RPC calls that require authentication tokens have the cached value automatically appended to the arguments sent.

For example:

 auth user@localhost 87e1e27b795f623ec2032c8ab503275
 get_qview visible

Console Commands

%set [ key value ]
With no arguments displays the RPC connection paramaters. If key and value are passed, then it sets that key.

help or %help
Displays help

command [ arguments .. ]
Any valid RPC command as detailed in PureMessage::RPC::Response::Enduser




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