pmx-share - Share PureMessage configuration files with other hosts


 pmx-share [command] [options]
 pmx-share add --publication <pub_name> --files <etc/whitelist>, <etc/blacklist>
 pmx-share add -p <pub_name> -h <hostname>
 pmx-share sync --publication <pub_name>


The pmx-share command is used to distribute PureMessage configuration files to remote PureMessage servers. This is done via ``publications''. Publications consist of sets of configuration files; PureMessage servers are subscribed to publications. Use pmx-share to create new publications, add files to existing publications, subscribe hosts to publications, or distribute files in publications to hosts.

In order to publish configurations to remote servers, the PureMessage Manager service must be running.


The following options are recognized:

--publication | -p pub_name
Specify a publication name. If the publication doesn't exist, you are prompted to create a new publication.

--host | -h hostname
Specify a remote hostname or host alias. If the host alias is not defined in the servergroups.conf configuration file, you are prompted for connection parameters and authentication information. If the information provided is correct, you will be given the option to add the configuration to the servergroups.conf configuration file.

--files | -f files
Specify one or more files to include in the publication. The files must be located under the PureMessage root directory (by default, /opt/pmx6). The file path specification can be absolute, relative to current directory or relative to the PureMessage root directory. Separate multiple files with commas.


The following commands are recognized:

Lists summary information for all publications available.

status pub_name
Shows status information for all publications or the specified publication.

Sends synchronization request to either all publication subscribers or to the specified subscriber (when used in conjunction with the --host option). This command requires that you specify a publication using the the --publication option described above.

Adds new files or hosts to the publication. Used in conjunction with the <--file> or <--host> options.

Removes files or subscribers from the publication. Used in conjunction with the <--file> or <--host> options.





the pmx manpage


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