pmx-store-export - Export messages from the PureMessage message store


  pmx-store-export [options]


The pmx-store-export program exports messages from the message store. The exported messages are printed to stdout in the PureMessage-Message-Stream format unless the --importer option is used.

The pmx-store-export program accepts the following options:

--store driver:<path>
This option can be used to specify the message store from which messages are exported. If not specified, it searches for the PMX_MESSAGE_STORE environment variable, which uses the following syntax:

driver specifies the database back end to use. At this time, only ``dir'' is supported. Specify the location of the message store in the path switch. See PureMessage::MessageStore for details about the access.

--where expr
This option can be used to limit which messages are exported. If not specified, all messages in the cur folder are exported. The syntax of the expression argument is described in PureMessage::MessageStore.

--importer progname
This option is used to specify an importer program that pmx-store-export feeds the messages to. As the stream is fed to the importer, pmx-store-export looks for confirmation replies that indicate the message has been successfully imported; it then expires the message from the current store. This effectively moves the messages from the current store to the store that the importer works on.

For example:

   pmx-store-export --importer 'ssh otherhost pmx-store-import -'

--timeout seconds
This option can be used to set the timeout value used when waiting for confirmation that a message was successfully received. If the other sid does not respond within this time, pmx-store-export exits with an error message. The default timeout is 120 seconds.

PureMessage Message Stream format

This is a simple textual format that is specified to look like this:

   stream         := stream-header message*
   stream-header  := "PureMessage-Message-Stream-1.0\n"
   message        := message-header mfile
   message-header := "@" bytes "\n"
   bytes          := digit+

Where mfile is a message file as documented in PureMessage::MessageFile.


the pmx-store manpage, the pmx-store-import manpage, PureMessage::MessageStore


Copyright (C) 2000-2008 Sophos Group. All rights reserved. Sophos and PureMessage are trademarks of Sophos Plc and Sophos Group.