pmx-wfetch - Simple HTTP download client


  pmx-wfetch <http-url>
  pmx-wfetch <http-url> <local-file>
  pmx-wfetch <http-url> -


The pmx-wfetch program is a small HTTP download client similar to wget or lwp-download. The HTTP URL is the mandatory first argument. The second argument specifies the destination file name and is optional. If the destination file argument is missing it will default to the part of the URL after the last ``/''. A destination file argument of ``-'' will print the downloaded file to stdout.

If the download fails, the program will print some noise on stderr and terminate with a non-zero exit status.


The pmx-wfetch program supports communication via an HTTP proxy server. This is controlled by setting the following environment variable:

An HTTP URL that points to the proxy server. A proxy user name and password encoded in the URL in the form http://user:pass@proxyhost:port will be recognized and used for proxy server authentication.


Only HTTP URLs are supported.

Only HTTP Basic Authentication is supported.


lwp-download, wget


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