scheduler.conf - Blocks determine the jobs run and schedule when they are run




Scheduled jobs in PureMessage are run by the Scheduler service. The list of jobs handled by the Scheduler is displayed in the Scheduled Jobs section of the Local Services tab in the PureMessage Manager. If you want the Scheduler to run additional jobs, create event sections in this configuration file. For example:

    <event queue>
        desc = 'Run the PureMessage Queue'
        enabled = 1
        action = /opt/pmx6/bin/pmx-queue
        type = exec
        #run every five minutes
            s = 1
            m = */5

The <when> block determines how often an event is run by the Scheduler. If the <when> block does not contain a value or if it is missing, the time defaults to once a minute. For events that run less often, specify times and dates. For example, to schedule an event to run at 2:40 a.m. on the 15th and 30th day of each month and every Sunday morning, enter:

       s = 1
       m = 40
       h = 2
       md = 15
       md = 30
       wd = 7

Note: You must include the s = 1 or it will run every second at that time (for 60 seconds, from 2:40 to 2:41).

Logging and Notifications

The scheduler_log records scheduled job activity. By default, only scheduled job failures are logged. If you want PureMessage to log all results, scheduler.conf must contain the line debug=1.

You can also configure PureMessage to automatically send failure notifications to the administrator's email account. By default, notifications are sent according to the frequency specified in the <when> block.

If, instead, you add the line notify=0, notifications are not sent. This line should appear outside of an <event> block.

In addition, you can use the /opt/pmx6/etc/scheduler.d/event-notify.conf file to create exceptions to the notification schedule set in scheduler.conf. The event-notify.conf file contains event sections that are similar to those in scheduler.conf.

Use event-notify.conf to set different count thresholds for certain scheduled service notifications. The default is to send notifications for pmx-antispam-data-update, pmx-blocklist-data-update, and pmx-sophos-data-update whenever any one of these updates has failed three times:

        <event pmx-antispam-data-update>
         count_threshold = 3
        <event pmx-blocklist-data-update>
         count_threshold = 3
        <event pmx-sophos-data-update>
         count_threshold = 3

Note: The settings in event-notify.conf do not take effect if notifications are disabled in scheduler.conf (that is, set to notify=0).


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