servergroups.conf - Contains the Manager's Server Groups tab configuration settings




Server Groups are groups of PureMessage host servers that share configuration files (defined in the publications.conf manpage) with a central server. Use the pmx-share program to add hosts to publications. Use the 'CSM (Central Server Management)' features in the PureMessage Manager to configure server groups.

The servergroups.conf configuration file contains a sample configuration. In addition to the options shown in the sample, the rpc_timeout setting can be added to specify the number of seconds that the central server waits for responses from edge servers before timing out. The default timeout is 5 seconds; to increase the timeout, add the rpc_timeout option to servergroups.conf as follows:


This setting must be specified outside of group and host configuration sections.

See 'Adding Policy Resources' in Policy Tab section of the Manager Reference for general information on configuring server groups and publications.


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