Version 6.4.8 Major Changes

Postfix upgrade to Version 3.4.5

Postfix, the built-in mail transfer agent (MTA) is upgraded from 2.10 to 3.4.5 and upgrading customers must note the following important changes.

IMPORTANT - when upgrading, existing users must note that some default values have changed. If you have not changed these values, you MUST check that the new defaults are suitable.

  1. If the new defaults are not suitable, set the parameters explicitly in <PMX_INSTALLATION_DIRECTORY>/postfix/etc/ immediately after upgrading.
    Parameter Default in 2.10 Default in 3.4.5
    append_dot_mydomain yes no
    mynetworks_style subnet host
    relay_domains $mydestination empty
  2. You need to set the parameter compatibility_level = 2 in <PMX_INSTALLATION_DIRECTORY>/postfix/etc/ immediately after upgrading.
  3. If your Postfix configuration file <PMX_INSTALLATION_DIRECTORY>/postfix/etc/ has the following line:

    smtpd_client_restrictions = ignore_policy_error, check_policy_service inet []:4466

    you must replace it with these two lines:

    smtpd_client_restrictions = check_policy_service inet:[]:4466

    smtpd_policy_service_default_action = DUNNO

  4. You must restart the SMTP /Postfix service after making the above changes.

You should also check the release notes for each Postfix version, from 2.10 to 3.4.5, for complete details of changes in the intermediate versions:

Apache upgrade to Version 2.4.39

Apache-2.2.34 is automatically upgraded to version 2.4.39.

Before the upgrade, assuming the PMX installation directory is /opt/pmx6, the symbolic link /opt/pmx6/apache pointed to the directory /opt/pmx6/apache-2.2.

The upgrade procedure will create a new directory /opt/pmx6/apache-2.4 and will change the symbolic link as below:

Before the upgrade: /opt/pmx6/apache -> /opt/pmx6/apache-2.2

After the upgrade: /opt/pmx6/apache -> /opt/pmx6/apache-2.4

The new version of the Apache module mod_rewrite no longer supports RewriteLog and RewriteLogLevel directives. If you are using these directives in the <PMX_INSTALLATION_LOCATION>/etc/manager/httpd2/rpc file, you need to manually remove these directives. The new directive LogLevel can be used instead, as described here. If you do not do this the HTTPD service may fail to start.

The Apache upgrade will change the following configuration files:

  1. /opt/pmx6/etc/manager/httpd2.conf

    This will be overwritten with new configuration. The old file will be saved as httpd2.conf.ppmsave.

    Old directives like Order, Allow or Deny will be replaced with new ones like Require.
  2. /opt/pmx6/etc/manager/httpd2/groups.conf

    This file is overwritten with the new configuration if you have not changed anything. If you have changed this file, then the file with the new 2.4 supported configuration will be saved as groups.conf.ppmdist. You must replace groups.conf with groups.conf.ppmdist.

    Old directives such as Order, Allow or Deny will be replaced with new ones like Require.
  3. opt/pmx6/etc/manager/httpd2/main.conf

    This file is also overwritten in order to run the new version of Apache. The old file will be backed up as main.conf.ppmsave at the same location.

    MaxClients and MaxRequestsPerChild are replaced with the more accurately named MaxRequestWorkers and MaxConnectionsPerChild respectively.

    The directive Lockfile is removed for Apache 2.4.

If you have customized any of the above files, then complete details of changes between the old and new versions are here: Apache: Upgrading to 2.4 from 2.2