Version 5.1.1 Release Notes

Release Date: November 28th, 2005

PureMessage 5.1 consists of the following new features and bug fixes.

New Features (5.1.1)

True File Type Detection
Policy attachment tests (pmx_attachment_name, pmx_attachment_type, and pmx_suspect_attachment) now have a ':tft' option for determining the true file type of an attachment. The file itself is inspected rather than trusting the filename extension or MIME type in the Content-Disposition and Content-Type headers. (Extended Policy Module)
Add Banner to Top of Message Body
The pmx_add_banner policy test now has the ability add a banner to the top of a message body using the ':top' option. (Extended Policy Module)
%%ATTACHMENT_NAMES%% Template Variable
A new template variable for attachment names can be used in notifications or banners.
Rename Attachment
A new policy action, pmx_rename_attachment, can be used to rename attachments using the %%ATTACHMENT_NAME%% template variable. (Extended Policy Module)
Multi-Byte Character Sets in Banners
The pmx_add_banner policy test now supports adding banners in Asian language character sets.
New Anti-Spam Engine
Includes a new feature for detecting phone numbers or instant messaging IDs contained in spam messages, as well as other improvements.
The pg_autovacuum daemon (run by PostgreSQL) replaces the vacuum_db scheduled job. This daemon optimizes the PostgreSQL database every 5 minutes.
TLS Support
Transport Layer Security (TLS) support has been added to PureMessage-Sendmail and PureMessage-Postfix.
Additional OS Version Support
FreeBSD 5.3 and 5.4, and Debian 3.1 are now supported.

Bug Fixes (5.1.1)