Version 5.1 Release Notes

Release Date: October 24th, 2005

PureMessage 5.1 consists of the following new features and bug fixes.

New Features (5.1)

MTA Level IP Blocking
MTA level IP blocking rejects messages originating from IP addresses blacklisted by SophosLabs. Enabling this option can improve performance by blocking spam before it reaches more complex tests in the Policy such as the Sender Reputation (DNSBL) Anti-Spam tests.
Policy Level IP Blocking
The pmx_blocklist test is a policy-level implementation of IP blocking which uses the same data as MTA level IP blocking. It allows more flexibility in handling messages from blocked IP addresses and can provide more information about those messages in the logs. By using the IP addresses in the 'Received' headers, rather than just the connecting IP address, pmx_blocklist is effective even if the PureMessage server is one or more hops behind the network gateway.
Improved Internationalization
This release provides further enhancements related to internationalization, including improved handling of multi-byte characters.
In addition to multiple Reports bug fixes, this release includes an updated report on policy-level IP blocklist activity
Increased anti-spam updates
PureMessage 5.1 includes an increase in the frequency of anti-spam data updates to every 5 minutes

Bug Fixes (5.1)