Version 5.2.1 Release Notes

Release Date: September 11, 2006

PureMessage 5.2.1 consists of the following improvements and bug fixes.

Improvements (5.2.1)

EUWI Performance Improvements

This version of PureMessage includes changes that improve the response time of the End User Web Interface (EUWI). Management tasks peformed via the EUWI are completed approximately six times faster than they were in PureMessage 5.2.

If you have been running PureMessage with the EUWI option, it is recommended that you edit the enduser_ui.conf file to take advantage of the performance enhancements. For instructions, see the 'Upgrade Guide' section in the PureMessage Getting Started guide.

If you are installing PureMessage 5.2.1 as a fresh installation, the improvements will take effect automatically.

Japanese Character Support

A variety of enhancements have been made to allow PureMessage administrators who are based in Japan to configure policy support for Japanese characters.

Important: Administrators who want to take advantage of Japanese character support must first enable it via the utf8.conf configuration file.
<encoding options>
    iconv_enabled = yes

With this option enabled, PureMessage can access libiconv, the library used to convert from one character encoding to another.

Support for Japanese characters has been added in the following areas:

PureMessage Monitor

This version of PureMessage includes the PureMessage Monitor, a utility that monitors the message_log for specified items, sets thresholds per item and triggers one of four possible responses when the thresholds are exceeded. The possible responses are notification by email, creation of an entry in a specified log file, addition of an entry to a specified PureMessage list (such as addition of an IP address to the blocked senders list), or the temporary addition of an entry to a specified PureMessage list (the entry is removed after a specified period of time).

Bug Fixes (5.2.1)