Version 5.3 Release Notes

Release Date: December, 2006

Improvements (5.3)

Groups Management

The PureMessage Groups Manager interface allows a global administrator to delegate administrative responsibilities to group administrators based on groups/domains and/or roles. Delegated tasks can include quarantine management, reporting, list management and the configuration of certain policy settings. While many of these features are only relevant to those who plan to take advantage of the groups management functionality, the quarantine and reporting features can be used by all administrators as an alternative to equivalent features in thePureMessage Manager.

The PureMessage Groups Manager provides the following:

SSL Access to End User Web Interface and Groups Manager

Fresh installations of PureMessage 5.3 are configured to connect to both the End User Web Interface (EUWI) and the PureMessage Groups Manager interface over https on port 28443. Optionally you can also configure unsecured access over http on port 28080. For information about changing this setting, see “Configuring Http\Https Access” in the End User Management section of the Administrator's Reference.