Version 5.4.5 Release Notes

Release Date: September, 2008

Resolved Issues (5.4.5)

This release corrects a problem introduced in version 5.4.4 that limited the amount of Groups Web Interface reports data that was saved. Report data is now maintained for the appropriate length of time. (DEF25813)

Improvements (5.4.5)

PureMessage now bundles the latest version of the Postfix mail transfer agent (MTA). The version has been upgraded to 2.5.4 to address recently identified security vulnerabilities associated with that MTA. See CVE-2008-2936 and CVE-2008-2937 in the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures database for details. (DEF25702)

Note: This is a major upgrade of Postfix. Although it is not a concern with most PureMessage installations, if you have made extensive modifications to the or files, you should create a backup of these configuration files prior to performing the upgrade to PureMessage 5.4.5. Once the upgrade is complete, check to ensure that all of your configuration parameters were successfully migrated.