Version 6.0 Release Notes

Release Date: November, 2011

This release of PureMessage is a major update, introducing support for IPv6, and providing a variety of performance and usability enhancements.

Improvements (6.0)

IPv6 Support

PureMessage now supports IPv6, allowing you to send and receive mail from IPv6 addresses as well as IPv4 addresses. In addition, PureMessage's search and reporting features now recognize IPV6 entries.

Whether you are installing PureMessage or upgrading from version 5.6.1, the installer will ask if you want the server to recognize both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses or just IPv4 addresses.

Updating from version 5.6.1 to version 6 is not a typical upgrade. You will install PureMessage 6 alongside your existing 5.6.1 installation. Optionally, you can then migrate policy settings and other data from PureMessage 5.6.1 to PureMessage 6 by using the PureMessage migration script. For more information, see Upgrading PureMessage for UNIX to Version 6.

Operating Systems

Performance Improvements

Updates to core components, including Postfix, PostgreSQL and Apache, provide added security, resolve outstanding issues, and improve performance. Optimizations to the End User Web Interface improve responsiveness by an estimated 20%.

Log Search/Forensics Improvements

A revamped forensics system provides new features, added resiliency, and improved reliability. Search reliability and accuracy has been improved, and you can now search logs by subject. Indexing is more robust, particularly when dealing with unparsable log entries or files. (#60219)

Refreshed User Interface

All user interfaces, including the PureMessage Manager, Groups Web Interface, and the End User Web Interface have all been updated with a modern, clean new look.

Other Changes

Resolved Issues (6.0)