Sophos Outlook Add-in

The Sophos Outlook Add-in simplifies the reporting of spam messages to SophosLabs by integrating seamlessly with your users' Microsoft Outlook software.

Once installed, users can report spam by clicking a custom button in their Outlook window. By forwarding spam to SophosLabs, they help Sophos in its ongoing efforts to improve the accuracy of spam heuristics.

Outlook 2007: The button is in the top-left corner of the Outlook window.

Outlook 2010: The button is on the Home tab of the Outlook Ribbon.

As an administrator, you can control how the add-in is installed, and which features are available to your end users. For example, since your users' mail is not filtered by a the Sophos Email Appliance, it makes sense to disable and hide the encryption functionality that is only available to appliance users.

The add-in works on the following versions of Microsoft Office and Windows:

To download the add-in, and for documentation about installing and using the add-in, visit the Sophos website (you will be prompted to enter your MySophos credentials):